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Hot, Nutritious Meals Delivered Every Weekday


Hot, Nutritious Meals
Delivered Every Weekday


Weekdays, bright and early, the day starts with an understanding that the chopping, simmering and a rhythm of serving spoons over the next four hours means hundreds of our neighbors will be fed.

480 seniors receive a meal each weekday — actually there is more need in our communities. But for those we serve, we’re dishing up what’s probably their only hot meal for the day. And for many, this meal will do double-duty as lunch and supper.

For seniors, having the right food can make the difference between a healthy lifespan in their own home or the need for assisted living.

So our chef, kitchen staff and volunteers take extra measure to cover the essentials and add just enough seasoning to bring a little spice of life to those we already serve.

We have the honor of dishing up a daily helping of homemade goodness that’s more than a meal — it’s confirmation that these older neighbors are fed and safe for another day.

Our services provide the independence and security needed to age in place, in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

We nourish the body of our seniors because it’s the main course of action that allows them to thrive at home.

More than just a meal

But each day is as unique as the people we serve, and our Meals on Wheels drivers arrive at each destination with more than food. They pay attention to daily details like a neighbor’s birthday and notice the little things — an uneaten meal, an unanswered door, a bad cough.

Isolation is dissolved with the ring of each doorbell and our driver’s familiar smile. And, with our wellness and safety checks, our clients know someone cares, is paying attention and will be their advocate by taking action when something’s amiss.

We nourish the spirit of our seniors by giving them someone to look forward to, the support they need to stay at home, and the gift of prolonged purpose in their lives.

Weekday Meal Delivery

Nourish Meals on Wheels delivers fresh and delicious meals five days a week, Monday through Friday. And, we are able to accommodate diabetic diets, allergies, and meal preferences.

These daily visits also include a wellness check by our drivers to make sure our client neighbors receive a friendly, “Hello, how are you?” for socialization, along with confirmation that all is well.

Pet Supplies

Have a furry friend? We deliver dog and cat food, kitty litter, and treats to clients who need help feeding their pets, so they don’t have to share their own meals!

Weekend Meals

We offer an option for two frozen meals to eat over the weekend, which are delivered with Friday’s meal. The weekend meals are prepared fresh in our kitchen, then delivered frozen.

Supplementary Groceries

Client neighbors who need extra support can participate in our Grocery Program. Volunteers deliver two bags of non-perishable groceries on the 2nd Saturday of each month. We share what we have, usually a nice variety of canned and dry foods as well as paper products.


We celebrate clients’ birthdays with cake, a card and a small gift. On holidays throughout the year we deliver special meals and themed tray favors. During our Holiday Gift Program each client receives a gift for 12 days in December along with their meal.


We are excited to announce our new breakfast program! A bag of five breakfasts, with ready-to-eat and easily prepared items, is delivered weekly to interested clients. This new program includes a variety of hot and cold cereal, hard-boiled eggs and/or an egg sandwich, fruit, yogurt, breakfast breads, muffins, and milk or juice. It is a privilege to help our neighbors start their day off with a healthy and delicious meal.

Do You Know Someone We Can Help?

Applying for meals is easy. You can fill out the application online and we will call you to complete the process. Or, you can call us at 303.798.7642 between 8:00a.m. and 2:30p.m. weekdays and we can complete the application process over the phone.

Zip Codes We Serve

We serve the entire area of these zip codes — 80110, 80113, 80120, 80122, 80123, 80235

We serve partial areas of these zip Codes
West of I-25: 80111, 80112, 80121, 80237
North of C-470: 80126
Inside C-470 Loop: 80127, 80128, 80465
Acres Green Only: 80124
West of Univ and S of Yale/Evans: 80210
South of Evans: 80219, 80223

NOT North of 285 AND West of Lowell: 80236

Nourish Meals on Wheels’ delivery service is a good community investment

We provide a year of delivered meals for roughly the same cost as a day in the hospital or a week in a nursing home.


  • Fresh and delicious meals are delivered five days a week.
  • Nourish accommodates diabetic diets, allergies, and meal preferences.
  • 86% of clients say that our meal program has increased their energy level and helped them to gain or maintain a healthy weight.
  • 87% of clients said that Nourish provides healthier meals than they would prepare for themselves.
  • 79% of clients said their delivered meal is their main meal of the day.


  • Nourish volunteer drivers provide clients with daily wellness checks.
  • 88% of clients see volunteer drivers 1–5 times per week.
  • Daily interaction provides peace of mind to family members.
  • 87% of clients said that receiving meals has improved their overall quality of life.
  • 94% of clients said that being served by Nourish Meals on Wheels’ volunteers has reduced their stress levels.

Strengthening Our Communities

  • Nourish serves seniors and homebound individuals unable to prepare their own meals regardless of financial means.
  • 89% of clients agree that having a volunteer driver check on them provides a sense of security in living independently.